The Decorating Trends You Should Expect In 2018

The Home Design Co. interviewed top interior designers to see which decorating trends they plan to leave in 2017 and what they are excited to utilize going into the new year. Ultimately, the most important part of interior design is being true to your personal style. Current trends may introduce you to styles you didn’t know about, and maybe you’ll love them. But unless they make you happy, there’s really no point to being on-trend. Let’s take a look at what the experts are saying is in and what’s out for 2018. Do you agree?

Say goodbye to reclaimed wood, and hello to curved furniture

Okay, not really goodbye. The rustic look isn’t going anywhere and neither is reclaimed wood. But it’s been overdone a bit in recent years so it may be time to scale back and focus on intentional pieces.

Making a comeback is soft fabrics and curved edges. Vintage style furniture is in with velvet fabrics in saturated colors and furniture pieces with curved, instead of hard, edges.

The Decorating Trends You Should Expect In 2018

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