When it comes to curb appeal, a new garage door can make a dramatic difference.

If you would like to see your home reinvented with a Clopay garage and entry door, you’ll love the Clopay online garage door visualizer tool. Simply upload a photo of your home or choose from our sample homes, select the door design of your preference and view the door on your home. A collection of Don Gardner home plans are readily available for you to get started!

With the Clopay garage door visualization tool, you can test different garage and entry door designs on your home before deciding which door to buy. Comparing different styles? Save the images from the tool to compare side-by-side, or even print a before and after comparison.

Let’s walk through how to use the tool with Don Gardner home plan – The Silvergate!

  • Click on the yellow button labeled “Clopay Garage Door Visualizer”. (See bottom of post for a full list of Don Gardner home plans with the door visualizer already loaded).

Design your garage door with our Clopay Visualizer.