2015 HOUSING TRENDS: Exteriors are getting a lot of attention

By Charles Richardson

The Summerhill - Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc. Plan #1189-The Kellswater - Customer Submitted Photos Plan #801 - The Cartwright

Curb appeal is important. Make no mistake. Even though the interior of a house often gets the majority of the homeowner’s attention, the exterior is equally important. According to Better Homes and Gardens, “an eye-catching exterior is one of the hottest home trends, and it’s a feasible update for both new and old homes. A front yard garden, fresh exterior color, updated hardware, or a new garage door can work wonders for your home’s facade.” The good news is families have more options and materials than ever to create the ideal exterior for their dream home.

Exterior trends to look for in 2015:


Plan #803-The Treyburn - Builder Submitted Photos The Abbott Plan #1109 - Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc. Plan #734-D - The Gilchrist by Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc.

Bold is in, particularly base colors and combinations that incorporate green, which blends well with a variety of other colors, including both light and dark tones. Vivid, bolder colors will make your home stand out and attract more attention, especially when juxtaposed against a string of neutral-colored or brick houses. Also, don’t neglect doors and windows. They can serve as an appealing contrast or counterpoint to colorful paint or siding. Reds, blues, and bronzes work particularly well.

The Summerhill - House Plan Number 1090 by Don Gardner

The Summerhill Plan #1090


Plan #1300-The Lennon by Don Gardner Plan #1164-The Runnymeade: Front Entry Plan #1178 - The Carrera: Front Exterior
Traditional and cottage-style homes are very popular this year. They work particularly well with bolder colors giving them added pop and character. Tudor design is also enjoying a revival, as well as colorful bold accents or unique design features, including: new hardware, window trimmings, distinctive lighting, custom gutters, and copper down spouts. The main point is for homeowners to adapt the exterior design to their particular style just as they do with the interior.

The Kellswater - House Plan Number 1189

The Kellswater Plan #1189


Plan #333-The Tamassee - Customer Submitted Photos Plan #912-The Lewisville - Customer Submitted Photos The Santerini Plan #868 - Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc.

The yard is an extension of your home and actually can inform the opinion about the exterior and interior of a home. A well-groomed, manicured yard goes a long way toward elevating the exterior of a home. Be sure to trim the shrubs, weed the garden, plant seasonal flowers, and mulch the planting beds. Of course, reseeding the lawn each year or laying down sod over dead spots, is equally important to your home’s exterior vibe.

The Cartwright - House Plan Number 801

The Cartwright Plan #801

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