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The Evolution of Fireplace Design & Style | Don Gardner

Evolution Of Fireplace Design

Nothing says a relaxing evening at home quite like curling up with your family around a cozy fire.

Fireplace Design - The Dogwood Ridge #5005

The Dogwood Ridge #5005

No matter what part of the country you are building a home, a fireplace can add comfort and aesthetics. Fireplace mantels provide a place to hang decor and display family photos, and a fireplace design can add aesthetic value to the home. The fireplace has an interesting history, as it has evolved from a necessary, functional element in the home into an aesthetic design element.

New Home Checklist | Things to Consider When Building A Home

Things To Consider Before Building Your New Home

New Home Checklist - Front exterior The Sagecrest #1226

The Sagecrest #1226

Are you considering building a new home? Building a home, rather than buying a pre-owned home, ensures you get the best house layout for your needs and have a home that is fresh, unmarred and truly yours. Yet there are specific considerations to make when entering into the home building process for the first time. Here are some of the things to consider when building a home that will make the process go much more smoothly.


We need your feedback on these two conceptual floor plans!

Please take a close look at the two conceptual floor plans below: 1432 “A” & 1433 “B”.  Both of these plans were derived from The Marley #1285 and each has various different features, particularly in the Master Bedroom, Bathrooms, Great Room and Kitchen.  Which of these two conceptual floor plans would be most suitable for your needs, the smaller 2297 SF version or the larger 2497 SF version?  Are there features not found in either of these conceptual plans that you would like to see included?