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Home Builders Pinnacle Award – Don Gardner Design

We would like to congratulate Tim Snow and his building company Avery Construction, LLC on being awarded the South Carolina Home Builders Association Pinnacle Award for homes priced between $200,000 to $499,999!

Home Builders - The Macallaster 838

The Pinnacle award is the most prestigious award for home building industry professionals from the Home Builders Association of South Carolina.

Home Staircases | Best Staircases for your Home Design

Home Design : Best Staircases For Style, Flow, and Location

Home Design - staircase of The Carrera #1178

The Carrera #1178

Staircases: Style And Flow 101 for your home design

When you are building a house, you may be surprised by some of the choices you get to make, including staircase style and location. Does your home lend itself well to a glass staircase or a wooden staircase? What about a spiraling staircase with ornate banisters leading from the main floor to the bedrooms? Or, would a more modest, hidden staircase be a better fit? Here are some tips to help you choose a home design with a staircase that will fit well.

House Plans with Sunrooms, Screened & Covered Porch Designs

Sunrooms, Screened & Covered Porchs – House Plans with outdoor living!

House Plans - Sunroom of The Hartwell #1221

The Hartwell #1221

The unmatchable beauty of house plans with outdoor living!

This summer, imagine future years spent enjoying the outdoors at home — picture yourself or your clients celebrating the seasons with any of the wonderful house plans with outdoor living that we offer at Donald A. Gardner Architects!

Mudroom Designs | Tips for Utility & Laundry Room Layout

Mudroom and utility room layout : Tips For Organizing A Useful Space In Your Home

Room layout - utility room of The Sutton #1261

The Sutton #1261

When building a home, one of the features that you will find in many new home plans is a utility room or mudroom.

These rooms can be a great asset to your home, but they can quickly turn into a catchall for clutter. Intelligent, clutter-free utility room designs can help you make the most out of this area, turning it into a valuable storage room for your family.


New Home Plan on the Drawing Board 1439 lives large for it’s modest square footage!

Home Plan 1439 - Front Elevation

3 beds, 2 baths, 1793 sq ft

Conceptual House Plan 1439

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Home Plan 1439 is an updated version of The High Pointe home plan 713. This home features a rustic exterior with wooden brackets adorning multiple front-facing gables. A dormer and metal roof add character along with stone skirting.