Best Woods For Your New Deck

Choosing the right kind of wood for your new deck is important not only for the visual aspect but also for the durability and longevity of your deck. This article lists five woods that will enhance your deck, provide safety and will last.

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Waterfront Sites Add Most Value in NAHB House Price Estimator

NAHB now has an online House Price Estimator to help owners determine how much their home is worth. The estimator is based on information provided by the American Housing Survey (AHS). Through the estimator the NAHB discovered that having a home with a waterfront location can raise your property value by over 40%.

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Dream Homes Vary by Generation

Each generation has a different vision for their dream home. Desired features are based on the homebuyer’s phase of life. This article outlines amenities that appeal to each generation as well as universal features that bridge the generation gap.

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Find the Right Plan for You

Finding a plan the fits your personal needs is a universal dilemma. Asking yourself the right questions is important. Start by making a list of likes and dislikes from your previous homes. Then decide on important elements that you want in your home such as number of stories, square footage, etc. Also consider additional amenities like an outdoor living space or media room that will make your home unique.

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New Luxury Home Must-Haves

Are you on the cutting edge of luxury items for your home? New trends include bathrooms with heated floors and saunas as well as elaborate computers that can control the pool lighting from the kitchen or send an alert text message about movement outside the house.

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