The Forest Grove – Home Plan 1377

This rustic Craftsman exterior features varied gables and arch-topped windows with an eyebrow highlighting the entryway. A single dining space is open to the common areas for a spacious atmosphere. A large flex space room with fireplace at the rear of the home awaits the needs of the homeowner, ready to be used as a home schooling room, play room, or even a dining space for large gatherings.

Check out the front rendering of home plan 1377, The Forest Grove
2432 sq ft., 4 beds, 3 baths

Click here to see The Forest Grove Home Plan 1377

Check out the first floor plan of home plan 1377, The Forest Grove.
67’0″ x 76’2″

Check out the bonus room of home plan 1377, The Forest Grove.

Compare to the original sketches!

New House Plan on the Drawing Board #1415 is a single story design with simple, clean lines.

Original sketches of home plan 1377, The Forest Grove.

The rustic Craftsman exterior features varied gables and arch-topped windows with an eyebrow highlighting the entryway. A single dining space with a large, front facing window is completely open to the common areas for a spacious atmosphere. The great room features built-in shelving, a fireplace, and French doors that open to the expansive screen porch, where skylights bring in natural light. A large flex space room with fireplace at the rear of the home awaits the needs of the homeowner, ready to be used as a home schooling room, play room, or even a dining space for large gatherings.

Original sketches of home plan 1377, The Forest Grove.


Original sketches of home plan 1377, The Forest Grove. Practical amenities include a mud room with bench seat, walk-in pantry, garage with extra storage areas, and a utility room with laundry sink and a sun tunnel to brighten the space. The secondary bedrooms are large with abundant closet space, while the master suite features dual walk-in closets and a bathroom with oversized walk-in shower.


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102 thoughts on “HOME PLAN 1377 – NOW AVAILABLE!”

  1. I love this plan! The only thing I am going to do is stretch it so the rooms will be a bit larger and switch the master closet and shower. Although I love the shower. I prefer to have a huge closet with a window. The halls need to be wide enough for me to have wheelchair access. I hope I never need it, but better safe than sorry. This will be my last move (hopefully) My age in place home. Thanks for this beautiful plan.

  2. Hate a windowless laundry room; how much sq ft would be lost from the flex space if you moved the fireplace wall just enough to give the laundry room a partial outside wall & window?

    1. Hi Margaret, Our designers would need to look at your modification request to determine square footage changes. I wouldn’t think that you would lose much by just moving the flex room wall in about 2 feet. Contact our customer service team if you need further assistance – 1-800-388-7580 or info@dongardner.com

    2. Most looks lovely…
      However, would never ever want a windowless laundry – like MG said. I’d rather see the mud room space turned into a laundry with other being a huge walk-in pantry. Would also prefer to see a jack and jill style bathroom…
      Love the big master shower!

  3. This plan would be perfect for us if only the kitchen and mud room/laundry were a bit larger. The large shower in the master bath is just fine with me. I would like to know when the plan becomes available although we are still searching for the proper lot.

    1. Hi Leslie, This design has been selected for completion but there are other designs in front of it on our schedule so we do not have an anticipated completion date yet. You are welcome to order Design 1377 and we will move it ahead on our schedule. Contact us at 1-800-388-7580 to order this plan or to get more information, or email at info@dongardner.com.

  4. I love this! I agree with all the posts that request a soaker tub in the master bath. Difficult to resell without it should we ever need to move again. (I hope not!) I also need to see the basement stairs. ADORE the flex room off the kitchen. Perfect spot!!!
    I will request modifications to expand the master suite. My personal concept is to have a king suite and a queen suite. We love each other but we also LOVE our personal space as well. 🙂 Plus we want a home to age in so we would want to make the shower accessible (wheel in), as well as one of the sinks. Can we do all that in the modification process? The elevation is absolutely beautiful!!! Great job!!!

    1. Hi Naomi, Yes, I’m sure those modifications could be accomplished with the help of our designers! A basement stair floor plan will be created after the original design has been finished and the plan is ordered on a basement foundation. Let us know if you have other questions – 1-800-388-7580 or info@dongardner.com.

  5. I love everything about this except for the very small kitchen. I wish the kitchen were much larger and I don’t know how it could be modified to expand the kitchen.

  6. What are the dimensions of the pantry, and how would the basement stairs be configured for a basement option? Thanks!

    1. Hi Beth, The pantry is approximately 3’8″ x 4’0″. We haven’t determined a location for the basement stairs at this time, but it is very likely that we would work them in near the bonus room staircase, if possible.

  7. We LOVE this plan, but there is no tub in the master bath! We need a tub in the master back – could there be an alternate option with a tub and smaller shower?

      1. Thank you! We are not ready to build yet, but when we are I will get back in contact with your modification request team. Is there any way to know approx how much modification requests run? I am sure it depends on the complexity of the mods, but is there a minimum charge or anything?

        1. Hi Robin,
          Modifications are done at an hourly rate of $140 and estimates are based on the time expected to revise every detail of the original plan affected by the modifications, yielding a complete set of working drawings. A minimum of 4 hours will be billed. You will pay an initial consultation fee of $99 to get a quote from a designer and if you go forward with the modifications, the $99 is applied toward your final payment. You can see some sample prices on our website under “Modification Pricing Estimate Guide”.

  8. Plan 1377 is an excellent design with great curb appeal and a central kitchen with great traffic flow. I would like to know when this plan will be ready for purchase.

    1. Hi Peter,
      We do not yet have a scheduled date of completion for design #1377. If you would like to order the design, we can get it moved up on the schedule. Let us know if you have other questions – 1-800-388-7580 or info@dongardner.com.

  9. As much as the flex room is a very cool idea- we plan to build in Florida and our pool would be screened in so the entire backyard would be flex room.

    I would skip the flex room and swap the utility and bathroom so the bathroom is accessible to the pool, as Mary said above.

    I would use what is now the bathroom and 2 closets space for laundry/ crafts area. I’d add 2 feet to the right side of the 2 bedrooms to add closets.

    In the great room I would add 4 feet to the back of the great room and kitchen to make the great room a true 19×16 and allow 4 feet for the walkspace in the great room. Corner the fireplace and give walkspace for a big tv to the left of the fireplace.

    I’d want to be sure to have sliders that completely slide back behind the side of the fireplace to open the inside to the pool area.

    With eliminating the flex room and all my additions I think would add only about 100 sq ft.

  10. When is the soonest this plan can be finalized. Family member called today to purchase and was told 12-15 weeks before finalized and ready for purchase. Can it be done any sooner… One of the earlier postings to Roxabbe said that this could be moved up in priority if ready to purchase. Thank you.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I’m afraid 12-15 weeks would be the expedited time frame. We have so many plans on our schedule ahead of this one, it could be a year or longer before we get started on it unless we receive an order to move it ahead on the list. This design is based on The Satchwell #967 which is readily available. And modifications could be made within 5-6 weeks to add some of the features from Design #1377. Let us know if you have other questions – 1-800-388-7580 or info@dongardner.com.

  11. I would love to see a house plan that’s in between this one and the Roseburg. Keep the master suite, office and public spaces of the Roseburg, but with the smaller guest rooms of this plan. That’s what we need as we look to retirement.

    As a general comment, I don’t understand why plans rarely include two bathrooms for the master suite but often include a private bath for each child. Older adults often value privacy and don’t want to share a bathroom, even though sharing a bedroom.

    1. I agree. We too are looking to the next 10-20 years and want to build a house we can age in. I would love a dual master – close but separate. A king suite and a queen suite!!! My friends all agree. This would sell plans!

  12. Love this plan as an updated version of the Walnut Creek with seperate laundry. Would love to see this with a front load garage vs a side load. Also, the bathroom between the two bedrooms would be great with two sinks and a wall between the shower/toilet area and the sinks. With two kids, they need to get ready at the same time but also need privacy.

  13. Overall plan at 2800 Sq. ft might be about for this plan to add space to master BR for soaker tub. Also the shared BR at the two bedrooms could be larger… Otherwise the plan is just what we’re looking for… Is there an indication/source for what this house would cost to build in various parts of the country?

    1. Hi Raymond, We are not involved in the building process and I’m afraid we are not able to offer cost to build estimates. A local builder would be the best source to get an estimate. When this design is released, we will offer study sets and a materials list to assist with getting quotes from builders. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing the design or if you have other questions. 1-800-388-7580 or info@dongardner.com.

  14. I’m also very interested in this plan. I wonder if you could turn the two bedrooms behind the garage into an in-law suite. Also, I would need the entire lower level created with a universal design or handicap accessible. Is this a possibility?

    1. Hi Alicia, pricing has not been determined for this design yet. Contact our customer service team to get the price, order this design, and get the estimated completion date. 1-800-388-7580.

  15. Suggest making guest bathroom a little larger and put a transome window over tub, they provide a lot of light with privacy. Otherwise GREAT plan. Nice to see a big walk-in shower in master bath, large soaking tubs just become a dust collector.

  16. Love this plan! Is possible to “close off” the kitchen more from the great room? I was thinking a big archway looking into the great room but not completely open. I love the Flex Room! Is the screen porch included in the square footage?

    1. Hi Tanya, you can definitely make modifications to the kitchen layout to better suite your preferences. We have a designer that can help with modifications! The screened porch is not included in the total living square footage.

  17. I like the plan and love the flex space (this would be my sunroom – the place I LOVE in my current home). I would also prefer a basement stairs plan. I truly love a soaker tub AND shower in the master bath which I think is the only miss. I would agree with the poster who switched the laundry into the mudroom to opt for a larger pantry. However, it concerns me where the basement stairs would locate in a basement option as I require a WD and laundry sink. Good work!

  18. PERFECT! This house is it! I love the flex room. Will use for pool table room. This allows the entire party to be together in the grt room, kitchen, dng room and pool table room. Imagine! I’ll use the bonus as a quiet tv room with a table for cards/crafts. Need a full bath and closet here so we can use as a guest bedroom. The den will definitely be our office, and is just perfect. Will want the bathroom for the 2 bedrooms changed to jack and Jill. Probably will move the fireplace to the corner to allow for a good size tv. My husband doesn’t like to break his neck looking at a tv over the fireplace. I also like decorating a fireplace, and a tv just isn’t it. This is perfect. I thought I wanted to stay at 2000 sq ft, but with the rooms I want it’s hard. This has it all. Now, the problem is where to build? Live in MI, and except for the winters, I don’t hate it. Don’t know where the kids will end up. Well, at least I’ve got the house plan . Thank you. I’ve enjoyed watching your progress with these plans, and can tell you listen to the comments. The front porch and screened-in porch are also big factors in this house for me. You’ve given me everything I want in one nice package. PERFECT!!!

    1. That is wonderful, Roxanne! I’m so happy you found a plan that will work so well for you! Just let us know if you have any questions about the design and if you’re ready to order, we can move this plan to the top of the schedule. Contact us at 1-800-388-7580 for more information.

  19. This plan is perfect – so hard to find floor plans like this in New England!

    The only change I would make is to have a full basement.

    1. Hi Christine, I’m so happy that you found this home plan! We will offer a full basement as a standard modification once this design is completed. Contact us at 1-800-388-7580 for more information.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Michele! We removed the large soaking tub and opted for a larger walk-in shower for this design. The design can always be modified to incorporate a bathtub if that is preferred.

  20. I agree with the flex space as screened in area with fireplace. House perfect for us but a need a large walk in closet with a window in the master bedroom. would this be possible?

  21. From my point of view it is perfect and I love it, I hope one day I will have chance to live in this type of house. In general i like all component of this plan, but in specific i like internal organization.

  22. I would like to see a bathroom accessible to the back outside of the home. We plan on having a pool and I am having a hard time finding floor plans that have bathrooms/mudrooms at the rear of the home, to avoid wet bodies tracking water through the house to get to the bathroom. I would also like to see a barn door separating the flex space from the kitchen. Love the plan, other than that.

  23. Really like this plan for our new house in WNC. I’d like to see the flex space with an option as an outdoor dining area (screened). I really like the open plan. I would love to see a basement option. I would prefer the “mud room” include the W/D and make the W/D area a large walk in pantry. Love your work…on a recent trip to WNC, our realtor had piles of your plans in his car!

    1. Hi Debra, we love to hear that!
      If this design is picked for completion, we will offer a basement foundation that you can order as an alternative to the crawl space. There is an additional, flat charge for this and it usually takes about 4 weeks to complete. This would be a fully underground, open and unfinished basement. We can also offer a walkout basement through our modifications process. Contact our customer service team if you have further questions about this process. 1-800-388-7580 or info@dongardner.com.

  24. I really like this plan. The only downside I see is that I think having the flex space and a dining room are a bit of overkill. I really like the flex space area, and wouldn’t want to get rid of that, I think it would be quite nice as a dining room. You could potentially put a laundry room and large walk in pantry in the space that was the dining room. That would leave the space empty where the laundry was located you could make that area a larger bathroom. The space where the bathroom was could be turned into more closet space for the two bedrooms. If you had a larger pantry, you wouldn’t need the one by the mudroom, and that could be amended by making the mudroom larger for more coats and shoes. That makes a lot of changing around though.

    1. Hi Brad! This plan is still in the conceptual phase which means it has not been selected for completion. If you would like to order this design, contact our customer service team at 1-800-388-7580.

  25. My family would love this plan with a few modifications; Jack and Jill bath, dining area where the flex space is and remove the formal dining room and add space to the bedrooms/closets and a add a walk in pantry. Love the plan!

  26. As a family we love to watch TV together but we do not want to place it above a fireplace. TV’s are getting bigger and need more wall space. We would like to find a plan with option to place a large screen TV on the wall perpendicular to a fire place, so there is no competition between the two. And we can not find one …!

    1. I completely agree! Perhaps making it a corner fireplace would open up the large wall for a bigger TV. Or, simply eliminating the living room fireplace since there is one in the flex room.

      Overall, I love this plan and would consider moving forward with it with a few modifications.

  27. Would like to see the hallway to the mushroom and to the bedrooms come from the flex space, not off the dining room.

  28. Love this plan. Is similar to the Forsyth. Can you make the garage bigger so TODAYS trucks can fit in them. I have a compact 4 door and just does fit. It would be impossible for a full size truck (with 4 doors ) to fit. Also make the secondary bedroom bigger. Two sinks in that bathroom, so all the kids can have room to get ready at the same time. Add stair to a basement area, since there is space in the garage. House would be perfect then.

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