House Plans on the Drawing Board-Concept Plan#1347

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House Plan on the Drawing Board #1347

Conceptual Design #1347 has living spaces that echo the Peyton House Plan #1289, while the master and secondary bedrooms are grouped together around a laundry room for optimum traffic flow. Sun tunnels bring natural light into the laundry room and bathrooms.

Now Available - Conceptual Design #1347

The cathedral great room is open to the kitchen and the single dining space with tray ceiling and plenty of rear views. A screened porch by the kitchen features a summer kitchen, fireplace, and skylights. A powder room, mud room, and walk-in pantry are grouped together and conveniently located adjacent to the garage, kitchen, and great room.

Now Available - Conceptual Design #1347


Now Available - Conceptual Design #1347

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30 thoughts on “House Plans on the Drawing Board-Concept Plan#1347”

  1. We love this plan! With a few minor changes it will be perfect for us! One question I have though, how does the dryer vent given the fact that the laundry room is not on an exterior wall??

    1. Hi Meg,

      The contractor would most likely run the dryer vent down through the floor and through the crawlspace to the exterior. This plan is Now Available – see it here!

  2. The Peyton plan is our favorite thus far, so it’s interesting to see this variation. The only problem I see with the relocated laundry room is the noise factor. With young kids (who are awakened easily), there would be no chance of doing laundry during naps or in the evenings after they go to bed. That would make things quite a bit more difficult!

  3. Really love this plan. We are getting close to building and are very interested in this plan. This plan meets just about every need that we have been looking for. When will this be available?

    1. This plan is in its final stages and should be ready within 30 days!

      One of our Customer Service Representatives can take your order as soon as you’re ready, and give you an estimated completion date: (800) 388-7580

  4. I am in love with this plan as well as many of your other conceptual designs. I especially like the location of the laundry room in this plan. You have been able to deliver on many of my wants: one story with a bonus, open concept, single dinging area, study, mudroom, nice utility and a screen porch . You have so many great plans that have these options while keeping the square footage reasonable. The only problem is that I need 4 bedrooms and with most of the plans I would have to sacrifice the study and make it a bedroom. I would love to see 4 true bedrooms along with a study and a single dining area on some of these new plans.

  5. This is a great plan for the “modern family.” Eliminating the formal dining area and relocating the laundry room make this house perfect for a functioning family home. As someone who enjoys cooking and entertaining, I like that this plan offers so much room for congregation around the central areas of the home, then leads right into the outdoor living space.

    I have two concerns about this plan. First, as mentioned previously on this blog, I don’t like the access point for the Master Suite. Having to go through the living space to enter the master is personally something I frown upon. Second, I would like to access the upstairs of this home, allowing for possibly one or two additional bedrooms and maybe a living/study area. The roofline seems more than adequate to accomplish additional living space. Even one bedroom/bathroom upstairs in conjunction with a “teen retreat” would add significant value to this plans feasibility for a growing family. Finally, and what I consider an easy adjustment, I would extend the outdoor living space to the end of the dining area, thus centering the fireplace at the entry doorway. In doing so, I would also eliminate the windows on the east side of the dining area to allow for the placement of furniture.

    This plan has fantastic potential, and I look forward to seeing it completed.

  6. Love this plan.  I like the laundry room location and access.  I have not seen that before.  We plan to build in the near future.  I will be waiting for this plan to become available.

    1. We don’t have a completion date set for this design yet, but we will add you to our email list and contact you if it becomes available. We’ll also post a new blog entry when it’s released, so keep checking back!

        1. This plan is in its final stages and should be ready within 30 days!

          One of our Customer Service Representatives can take your order as soon as you’re ready, and give you an estimated completion date: (800) 388-7580

  7. I love this plan! With three young children, I like that all the bedrooms are together, rather than on opposite sides of the house. I also really love the kitchen/dining area. A formal dining room is wasted space for me, but this layout is fantastic! Well done!!

  8. The square footage on this plan hits in my sweet spot. I have looked through thousands of plans on your site and others, weighing my needs/wants against financial realities, and the 2,400-2,700 square foot range is always where I end up. I really like that you guys are continuing to release more plans with a single largish dining area, as I think this fits how more people actually live these days. Realizing that lots of plans don’t have this, I am personally unhappy with any plan that does not have the kitchen with at least one side on an outside wall for windows and light. To this end, I would make the screen porch area the kitchen and make the kitchen area the dining area. I would bump out the current dining area and make it the screen porch. This would mean the entry from the garage, mudroom, pantry and stairway locations would have to be rethought, and my thoughts are that the garage could be brought forward several feet to help with this. With these changes in mind, I think the entire right section of the plan could lose 3-5 ft. horizontally.

    I would stretch the section of the house that runs from the back porch to the family room to the study by 3 ft. across. This is to make more room for furniture in the family room where all seating would have to float and also to make the study slightly larger so that it could serve as a more viable 2nd living area. I would stretch the plan vertically 2 ft. on a line that runs from the guest br closet on the left wall of the plan through the foyer, half bath, pantry, and garage. This is because I dislike homes where the main living area is completely open to the front door and would place a short wall immediately in front of the front door. I only see one linen closet in the plan, so at least one more of these would be nice.

  9. Love this house plan! It is exactly what my family has been looking for!!! Please let me know once it is more developed? We are looking to start building in about 2-3 years. Thank you!

  10. Where would I put the computers in this plan? (we have seven.) I like to be able to talk to my spouse in the kitchen while I’m working/playing on the computer.

  11. Would like to see a smaller plan of this…about 2000 sq. ft. for empty nesters (as this is what we need)…but these are things I would change or add:

    *Only a Master bedroom, ONE other bedroom and a study on the main floor.

    *Do not like the entry into the Master Bedroom from the living room because you have to cross the living area most of the time. I find this is the case with some of your plans that would be really great if they didn’t do that.

    * Would like to see a stairway that not only goes to the basement level but also to a bonus room over the garage…could they be tied in together some how?

    * Like the idea of the stairs to the basement near the kitchen as people usually take food from the kitchen downstairs…(conveniently located)…and it also cuts the expense of having to put in an expensive looking stairway.

  12. I love this plan! I like the large dining area and the placement of the utility room. Always love when the extra bedrooms have walk-in closet!

  13. Very nice plan. Don’t see the need to have two doors into the bathrooms of the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms. Why not just keep them private? There is a 1/2 bath for the normal household guests. Perhaps the one closest to the study/4th bedroom could be accessed by both rooms.

  14. I really like houseplan 1289 as well as this one. Here are the things I would love to see changed:

    1) make 2 of the bedrooms share a jack and jill bath (with 2 sinks)
    2) the laundry room is in an awkward place, and with 2 doors, there is not much place to put dirty clothes. I would love a larger laundry room!

    I love that you added a mudroom area, created a walk-in pantry, and added a half bath for guests. I also love having one larger walk-in closet in the master!

    I think if you could change the two things above, I might actually purchase this plan.


  15. I would also like to see the bathrooms become suites rather than have entrances from the main part of the home. A shared, Jack & Jill bath with double sinks would be another nice alternative. I would also like if the house could be squared off in the front left corner to possibly allow for another secondary bedroom to have a walk-in closet. I would prefer the screened porch off of the back of the house as well. I would also like to see the powder room to door open from the front entry rather than the mudroom. A double door entry into the master bedroom would be an added luxury. Overall, I really love this plan and hope it comes to fruition. Hoping to build in a year.

  16. Great idea to have a walk-through laundry room in the bedroom wing. Looks very efficient (step saving). Also, I LOVE the single dining area. I always feel like separate breakfast and formal dining areas is a waste of space. The screened porch off the kitchen with what appears to be a Summer kitchen is a very nice touch. Ample sized bedrooms and a properly sized garage make this yet another winner from DAG!

  17. Not much I don’t like about this plan. I’d rather see the study/guest room have direct access to the bath next door so that if it were used as a guest room, guests would have access without entering the hall. I usually don’t like all the bedrooms on the same side of the house, but this plan provides plenty of privacy to the master while grouping all rooms together. I really like the way the kitchen opens to both the single eating area and the living room.

  18. I love the concept of public and private space in a home and this home completely meet it. I just wish there were stairs leading to a basement with another family room, craft room, possible theatre, at least another 2 bedrooms, a kitchenette and some storage. What I would love to see with the basement of this house a mother-in-law apartment with an outside entrance, that can be separated if needs be, so the main family can still have a family room downstairs when the separation is need place. It has enough square footage that it should be possible. Of course, with that said, I think it would be understandable that there wouldn’t be room for a theatre.

  19. Love this plan. I like the laundry room location and access. I have not seen that before. We plan to build in the near future. I will be waiting for this plan to become available.

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