House Plan on the Drawing Board #1407

Conceptual Design #1407: Now In Progress! NOW AVAILABLE!

Click here to see the Lawrenceville Plan #1407!

Front rendering - Conceptual Design #1407: Now Available!

4 beds, 3.5 baths, 3626 sq.ft.

First floor - Conceptual Design #1407: Now Available!

Second floor - Conceptual Design #1407: Now Available!

Click here to see the Lawrenceville Plan #1407!

Here’s a brand new farmhouse style conceptual design! Please take a moment to give us your comments and/or suggestions!

Front Elevation - Conceptual Design #1407Conceptual Design #1407 has a timeless farmhouse exterior with a modern floor plan. The main floor features a two-story great room with an 18’ ceiling, open dining room with bow windows, and a morning room that shares a see-through fireplace with the screened porch. The kitchen has an island and counter seating for four, plus an e-space and walk-in pantry. The family studio provides storage and plenty of work space for projects and household tasks. The garage has dual storage areas and a door for outside access. Three bedrooms upstairs all have cathedral ceilings, one of which makes a perfect guest room, and a large bonus room adds flexible space.

First floor - Conceptual Design #1407

First floor plan

Second floor - Conceptual Design #1407

Second floor plan

Rear elevation - Conceptual Design #1407

Rear elevation

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29 comments on “House Plan on the Drawing Board #1407

  1. Patricia Williams on

    Have been studying this plan for a couple of months now and would like to know the estimate for building this house without any upgrades and with only the finished square feet s indicated in the plan. I know all the upgrades that I would like, just want to know if I should be looking at a different plan.
    By the way, you have some of the best floor plans that seem to consider what most homeowners love and look for in a home.

    • Echo on

      Hi Patricia! I’m afraid that we do not offer cost-to-build estimates on our home plans. We design the home but we are not involved in the building process and cost-to-build varies so much, depending on your location. Our plans are sold all over the country. To get estimates on building, you can purchase a materials list and/or a study set and get a quote from a local builder. Please let us know if you have other questions about this plan – 1-800-388-7580 or

  2. Stefanie on

    Is there an update on when this plan will be available for purchase? Also, is there a basement foundation option?

      • Emily on

        These dimensions are not finalized, but it is approximately 83’ 5” x 57’ 8” and 3,629 sq.ft. I will reply here with an update when it’s available!

        • Fred Williams on

          Do you know when the design will be complete? Also we are looking for the basement foundation option. Possible even a walkout basement option. We want to start putting together cost estimates on building this house.

          • Emily on

            Hi Fred,

            This design is nearly complete and should be available in the next week or two – I will reply here when it’s available so you get a notification.
            You can order the plans on a full basement foundation now over the phone (1-800-388-7580), or you can request an estimate for a walkout basement from our designers HERE. Either option will take an additional 4-6 weeks to create, and we will provide a completion date when you place your order.

        • Fred Williams on

          Are you getting close to completing the drawings? We are hoping to have our house sold in the next two weeks and would really like to get an estimate on how much this house will cost to be built so that we can start construction no later than June.

          • Emily on

            Very close! The plans are under review by an engineer right now, after which we will run through final checks before we release them. As soon as we can pin down a date, I’ll email you at the address associated with your account so you’ll be the first to know!

    • Emily on

      Hi Stefanie,

      This design will be completed mid-late April. A basement foundation option will be available and will take approximately 6 weeks to create – you can order over the phone in advance and we will pin down a completion date for you! 1-800-388-7580

  3. Tia on

    Congrats on the new plan. My suggestions would consist of a swapping the tub and water closet and giving the water closet an operating window. When watching kids play in the yard the kitchen needs to be near the back and the dining room is less used so it could swap places. Love all the porches.

    • Elizabeth Anne Back on

      I agree, a beautiful plan but to have the kitchen in the back with a window large enough for viewing would be a great option.

  4. Carrie on

    I really like this new design! I say that the curved back wall really makes this house interesting and that you should keep it. I would like it if there was another powder room instead of the wine cellar by the morning room. And I agree that a large covered back porch would be nice. Maybe a pocket door to block the view of the studio/laundry room from any guests, as well.

  5. leanne wilson on

    I am looking for a house plan currently. I really like the farm house style. I would live another option for the stair wall so my kitchen can have bigger island. Looking for a plan where the kitchen can be wider then 14 feet.

  6. Ashley Campbell on

    I LOVE the updated floor plan you have here. Where would you put a basement stairwell? Will this plan be released anytime soon? The family studio is great addition. I would extend the great room out to be flat with the master and straighten out the dining room wall as well.

    • Emily on

      Thank you Ashley!

      We would put the basement stairs at the e-space running under the other stairs. A designer may be able to make the other modifications you mentioned as well. Although this plan has been selected for completion, we have not set a date for it yet. You can place an order for it over the phone, and we will schedule a completion date for you in about 12 weeks! (800)-388-7580

  7. Beverley on

    I like the floor plan but I too would straighten the outside wall of the dining room. We have a beautiful custom made china hutch and there is no wall space in the dining area.

  8. Jen on

    We are a family of six who is actually looking for farmhouse plans to build in the near future. We found this plan and love many aspects of it.

    However, with 4 active boys, there are a few changes I would want to make. First, I think I would prefer straightening the back wall of the dining room and bumping back the wall of the great room as well. I would prefer a back covered porch that spans the back of the house. I know that this would mean losing the master bedroom’s access to the back yard, but we love a big covered porch.

    In addition, I would like to see an option that incorporates a three car garage – almost a necessity for a large family. ;-). I think for our family, we could accomplish that by removing the wine cellar and wet bar in the morning and reconfiguring the workshop to take the place of the screened porch.

    Lastly, I would get rid of the e-space and make that all part of the kitchen. Maybe by doing that, we could increase the counter space and be able to fit 6 vs. 4. Just some ideas from someone with a “larger” family. 😉

    Thanks! It’s a beautiful plan and we anxiously await its availability.

  9. Lisa on

    is there any way you can re-arrange the master bedroom and closets where you don’t have to walk down a hallway (with closets on each side) to get to bedroom? love the size of closets but wonder if there is a better way to arrange this space.


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