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Home plans for outdoor living

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Home plans for outdoor living.
The Butler Ridge 1320-D

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Don’s Note:

The last ten years have seen a shift in attitudes toward housing. Our clients want their homes tighter and more efficient. We’ve squeezed out redundant spaces, planned flexibility into the layout, and tried to optimize every square foot.

The same concept decidedly does not apply to the outdoor areas of the home. People want more and bigger. Screen porches, decks, covered porches and patios, outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas are now gracing homes of every size and type.

And, why not? They add very useable space that’s relatively inexpensive to build. You don’t have to heat or cool them. And they can add immeasurably to your home’s livability and enjoyment.

So enjoy this collection of some of our best home plans, especially selected to feature outdoor living spaces of all types.

Home plans for outdoor living
The Edgewater 1009

See more of The Edgewater plan 1009 on pages 18-21!

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