Benefits of Walk In Closets | Walk In Closet Design Ideas

Walk-In Closet Design Ideas

Design Ideas - Master closet from The Kenningstone #1166
Master closet from The Kenningstone #1166

One of the first things many homeowners run out of in their homes is storage space.

Even a home that seems like it has ample storage space can quickly feel crowded when you start to move in with all of your belongings. If you are considering building your home, think about including a walk-in closet design, or choose floor plans that already incorporate a walk-in wardrobe closet in the bedrooms. When considering design ideas for your new home, walk-in closets can be one of the most beneficial.

Advantages of Walk-In Closets

The main reason most people choose a walk-in closet is to have more room for storage. This substantial amount of extra space means you can enjoy the benefit of walk-in closet organizers, so you can keep your belongings much more organized. Walk-in closets also provide the benefit of a private dressing area, which can be a great advantage in a home with small children who don’t always adhere to privacy guidelines.

Design Ideas - Master closet with velux skylights
Velux skylights via Pinterest

Walk-In Closet Design Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Space

If you have decided that you need the benefits of a walk-in closet in your newly built home, make sure you use the space well. A walk-in closet that is well organized can be a true asset to your home.

First, consider what you will be storing, and find walk-in closet systems that will accommodate those items. Will you be storing clothes and shoes, or do you need a place to stash your jewelry, handbags, belts and more? If you have a lot of shoes or other small items, consider adding shelving to the closet in addition to the closet rods, as this will give you an obvious place to store these items. Drawers are a great option to add, too, as they can give you a place for undergarments, casual wear and small items.

Design Ideas - Master closet from The Evangeline #1137
Master closet from The Evangeline #1137

If your closet is large enough, give yourself a place to sit down to dress. A simple, attractive bench can make the space truly functional as a dressing room as well as a storage room. As you design your closet, consider adding a full-length mirror. This is a great place to check your outfit before you run out the door for the day.

Once you have moved in to your home, organize your clothes in your closet in a logical manner. Consider organizing them by use, such as having a place for work clothes and casual clothes. Or, organize them by color, so you can grab your favorite garments easily.

A walk-in closet can make your home truly functional. If you are in the market for new home plans that feature a walk-in closet design, Donald A. Gardner Architects has a number for you to choose from. Browse our home plans today to find one that fits your needs.

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  1. I liked what you said about making sure you chose a walk in closet that is designed around your specific needs, and what you will be storing in there. I have a large collection of shoes, and want to have a closet that could help display those in an organized, and practical way. I’ll have to find a good company that could help design this and install it in my home for me.

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