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  1. I bought a house plan from you a long time ago. Say 2000 or 2001. I can’t remember the name but I’ve searched your site and can’t find it. Is there a way to look at legacy plans? We are adding a deck to it and I just wanted to see the sketch of the back view.
    Thank you,

  2. Please offer some more Ranches with Hip roofs. Most of the plans have Gable, I would love to see more plans similar to the Lennon plan in 1950 to 2300 sqft size range.

  3. Do you have a smaller version of the Austin? I want a library/study in addition to four bedrooms with a dining room off the back of the house as the Satchwell has, or a study instead of the dining room on the Satchwell/conceptual design 1376 but with a larger breakfast room.

    1. Hi Mary, The Austin is a unique design in our portfolio and I’m afraid we do not have a similar, smaller version. Our customer service team would be happy to assist you with a plan search if you would like to contact them with your criteria. 1-800-388-7580 or

    1. Hello Paula, The Forest Grove 1377 is still in progress. The structural designs are not completed at this time. When the plan is released, it will be available for sell but we are not involved in the building process so we don’t have model homes for viewing. After a homeowner or builder completes the building process, we will try to get photographs or the builders contact information to share on our website.

  4. Hey, just a quick question about floor heating systems, are they difficult to install yourself? Not much experience in construction, but they seem like it would be simple to put them in the floor.

    1. Hi Tom, we are not in the building industry so I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to speak to the easy of installation for floor heating systems. We would recommend contacting the manufacturer for the product that interests you and asking if they recommend a professional for installation or if it’s something that can be done by you.

  5. If you only provide the structural drawings; and to receive a building permit you have to have electrical, HVAC, plat plan
    , etc. How do you go about getting those? Also do I have to have a local structural engineer to sign off on the plan certifying they meet code. This would be in Charleston County SC

    1. Hi Don, When you purchase the home plans, you will provide copies to a local electrician, HVAC contractor, etc. so they can each do their part. Your building contractor can likely be a liaison for this process. Our plans are not sealed by our engineer and many Counties do not require this. We always recommend checking with your local permit office to see what your Country requires. This is not a service that we provide so you would need a local engineer to review them, if needed. Please let us know if you have other questions – 1-800-388-7580 or

  6. Hi, my husband I are very interested in the Hollyhock house plan. We were wondering if you know any builders in the Carolinas that have built this one and especially the one with the gazebo porch addition. Thank you…

    1. Hi Felicia, we do not work directly with any builders but we do allow builders to volunteer their contact information on our website if they have built one of our plans. We have several builders listed for The Hollyhock but unfortunately, I don’t see anyone in North or South Carolina but there are few nearby in Virginia and Tennessee. Let our customer service team know if they can assist you further – 1-800-388-7580 or

  7. I’ve searched and searched for a small home no more than 2,000 sq ft, with a 2 car garage at the front right attached, with the kitchen behind it with the Master Bedroom in the back left corner and the Great Room in the middle at the back. Need at least 3 bedrooms with access to a bonus room upstairs. The way our lot sits requires the garage to be there and would love to have at least a 8′ x 5′ front porch and a larger back porch. I love how DAG uses all of the space and looks very trendy…..but just looking for a simple old timey retirement home. Would love any recommendations you could send. Thank you!

    1. Hi Peggy, thank you for reaching out! We have some plans that meet most of your criteria and we can always make changes through our modification process. Also, keep in mind that any of our plans can be reversed. So if you see a plan with the garage on the left, we can flip the entire plan so the garage would be on the right.

      Here are a few designs that may interest you: The Wynette #5027, The Stonemason #1339, and The Adrian #1334. Our customer service team would be happy to assist you further with a plan search. Contact them at 1-800-388-7580 or

  8. Hi,
    Does the bonus room in the Silvergate model already have heat and AC or is that a modification to your standard Silvergate plan?

    1. Hi Jon, our plans are structural drawings and do not include electrical, plumbing or HVAC. All of our bonus rooms are unfinished but you can certainly finish the space and have your HVAC contractor determine how to heat and cool the space. Let us know if you have other questions – 1-800-388-7580 or

    1. Hi Cara, I apologize for any trouble you’ve had with the site today. It appears to be working fine now. Try again and if you have further issues contact us at 1-800-388-7580 and we will try to resolve it.

    1. Hi Renae, We didn’t make this modification, so I am not sure exactly how the modified the master bathroom. You can tell from the photos that they added a seperate vanity on the opposite side of the original. They may have used some of the closet space to expand the master bath a bit. Let us know if you have other questions: 1-800-388-7580 or

    1. Hi Shannon, all of our home plans will have a dining space. Some have a breakfast nook in addition to a formal dining room. We have a search feature for plans with a single dining space and in the square footage range of 3000 – 4000, there are 13 plans that meet that criteria. See plans here.. Our modification process may help you create the ideal floor plan that you are looking for.

  9. Hello, we are looking to build a home that has a view of the lake. We would like a large front second story covered patio. I’ve searched and have not seen this available. Can you recommend a plan?

    1. Hi Shannon, I am not aware of anything that matches this description but we may be able to offer modifications to a home plan to incorporate your request. Contact us at 1-800-388-7580 or to discuss your needs in more depth so that we can better determine what your options might be.

    1. Thank you for your feedback on our new website, Darryl!
      We are in the process of re-uploading the Conceptual Design images now, so they should be working again soon! If you come across anything else, please let us know.

  10. ALso.. is there any place to see the interior pictures of the plans? I have a hard time visualizing .. ๐Ÿ™

    1. A convenient way to browse all of our photography in one place is our Flickr page! We have photos grouped by plan number, including unfurnished homes and photos that might be too small for our website:

      Our Pinterest page is another great place to find photos. Photos there are grouped by room or style, and you can Pin images to your own Pinboards so you can refer back to them later!

  11. Hello ..
    My Husband and I have been searching for just the right floor plan but we are not having any luck.. Perhaps you could send us plans that would be suitable. I would like a Large room to accommodate a 14ft long arm sewing machine .. and areas to walk around that machine along with 4 others , cutting table, storage etc..and would love a mud room as we will be moving to the country.. we both like a Master shower that is walk in , open floor plan, 3-4 BR with Enclosed porch , 3 car garage, w/ Bonus over garage .. I do not want my sewing room up there.. I would like it on the same one story level.. can you help us ?

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Thank you for asking! For a specialized room like this, you may need to have an existing plan modified to accommodate the machines and tables. The following list includes plans with a second living space (like a family room, hearth room, etc.) that could be expanded to suit your needs:

      The Walnut Creek #1134
      The Chamberlaine #1253
      The Edgewater #1009
      The Flagler Plan #1307
      The Monticello #702
      The Jeffcoat #1031

      Here’s a link to more information about our in-house modifications:

  12. We’ve been searching on and off for the “perfect” floor plan for the past year. When searching on line for various plans we always seem to gravitate back to your plans. We have a unique lot that has views out the front and sides mostly so we struggle finding a plan that has the rooms to the front and the garage to the back… Our lot is a penisula and has 635 LF of frontage on three sides. We really like your Tuscany and Jerivale plans and feel the “X” shaped plan would work well for our lot. We’re near the Missouri River so can only have a crawl space but also have 6 kids so we need lots of bedrooms. We’re wondering if you have ever done a plan where you have the bedroom study like the Tuscany but then have a variation of the Jerival with the family room out to the front like the garage on the Tuscany and the garage to the rear in place of the Family room on the Jerivale? We also like the placement of the stairs similar to the Jerivale. Also, we live up in SD and having a large family, we need a larger garage for our vehicles so size of garage needs to be like 28 x 28 or even 30 x 30 and the family room needs to be around 22 x 24. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thank you… Mark and Darla Mayer

    1. Hi Mark and Darla,

      All of our “X” shaped plans have the garages at the front, but a designer can Modify the plans to meet your needs. Here are more “X” shaped plans in addition to the Jerivale and Tuscany that may serve as a starting point for modifications:

      The Chanticleer 810
      The Amherst 753
      The Churchdown 867
      The Chamberlaine 1253
      The Richelieu 1157
      The Cedar Creek 959

      You can purchase the plans that come closest to what you need and have a local professional make changes for you, or our in-house designers can modify them, whichever works best for you. Here is a link to more information about our Modifications, where you can submit a request for an estimate!

      Let us know if you have questions about the process, or if you’d like more information about any of these home designs!

  13. Thank you for creating floor plans that make sense! Love the openness and the shift away from formal living areas. You’ve given me hope in finding the right floor plan!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Heather! Don’t hesitate to contact us for help narrowing down your options. Our Customer Sales & Support Specialists can put together a list of plans based on your specific needs, and provide additional measurements if you have any questions!

  14. Hi – I had a couple questions regarding the Marley Plan.

    1. Is the dining area and screen porch at the same elevation? I would like to remove the wall and make this into one large dining area.
    2. I would also like to increse the utility/pantry area. Any suggestions?


    1. Hi Sharon,

      – The screen porch is 1.5 inches lower than the floor level, so there is a small step down.
      – It is likely that the utility room can be expanded! A Designer would need to review the plan to see what options there are. They can also take a look at expanding the dining room into the screen porch! Please visit our Modifications page for complete information about our modifications process, and from there you can submit an online consultation form if you’d to receive an estimate:

      Feel free to email and a Customer Service Representative will be glad to answer any questions you might have about the process!

  15. I like interior layout of Donald Gardner’s houseplan W-YAH-1191-D, but I don’t like the Hansel and Gretel exterior. Do you have a different front rendering that is still craftsman? Also can I can this paln with only approx. 2500 sq feet?

    1. We donโ€™t have an alternate front rendering for the Genova Plan 1191-D, but we do have some similar designs that are closer to 2,500 square feet with more traditional Craftsman exteriors. See if any of the following better meet your needs:

      Cloverbrook – #5023
      Pemberley – #1219-D
      Belmar – #5017
      Whitford – #1298-D

      We also offer Modifications if youโ€™d like to have changes made to any of our home plans!

  16. My husband and I are interested in the Marley plan. We live in Shelby, NC. Have you built this home anywhere in the Carolinas? We would like to go look at it if so. Thanks!

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