The Astaire – Home Plan 1286

Stone accents provide a textural contrast to this classic home while a front porch with columns brings a bit of southern charm. The kitchen with center island focuses its attention to the screened porch. The master suite is spacious with mirrored walk-in closets. A pocket office is located near the garage entry, perfect for dropping and sorting mail, charging electronics, or setting up a computer.

Check out the front rendering of The Astaire, home plan 1286.
2295 sq ft, 4 beds, 3 baths

Click here to see The Astaire 1286

Check out the first floor plan of The Astaire, home plan 1286.
69’2″ x 69’7″

Check out the bonus room of The Astaire, home plan 1286.

Compare to the original sketches!
Front Elevation of The Astaire, home plan 1286.

First floor plan of The Astaire, home plan 1286.

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49 thoughts on “HOME PLAN 1286 – NOW AVAILABLE!”

  1. There looks like a 2 foot by 2 foot “L” shaped wall near the island with the kitchen sink, can that be removed?

    1. Hello, Design 1286 does not have a scheduled completion date at this time. You can order this design and get it moved up on the schedule. If you would like more information, contact our customer service team at 1-800-388-7580 or info@dongardner.com.

  2. I think I’d love this plan even more w 2 changes:

    1) add 2 feet thru the kitchen (enlarge the island) and dining room to allow space in the dining room for a china cabinet with built in cabinets on both sides.

    2) I would extend the back of the great room and kitchen 3 or 4 feet, to the back edge of the bedroom at the right side back corner. For our way of using space a great room only 15.8 wide is not wide enough for furniture placement and still allowing a path to walk thru. I would consider this great room as is at only 12 feet deep of usable space for furniture, just not deep enough.

    But I LOVE so much about every Gardner plan I see! I’ve been studying them for years!!

    1. Hi Carolyn, Design #1286 does not have a scheduled date for completion at this time. Contact our customer service team to order this design and we can move it ahead on the schedule. 1-800-388-7580

  3. What is the square footage on this first floor? And what is the Bonus Room sq ft? The Astaire / # 1286
    I like the Satchewell #967 but would rather have a walk door to access garage and the laundry room not as a walk thru and the guest rooms at least 12X12. Wanting to get started immed. as my husband insists on building and we are battling cancer, but God is in control and has been since the day we found out 9/2014. Also, are your plans SC engineered approved, SC permit dept. said my plans have to be.

    1. Hello Gause, The finished square footage for the first floor is 2289 and the bonus room is 643. Our plans are reviewed by a structural engineer but they are not stamped. If your permit office requires a stamp, you would need to have a local engineer stamp the plans. Let us know if you have other questions or concerns – 1-800-388-7580 or info@dongardner.com

        1. Hi Gause, Design #1286 does not have a scheduled date for completion at this time. Contact our customer service team to order this design and we can move it ahead on the schedule. 1-800-388-7580

  4. Definitely needs more square footage in the Master. I would sacrifice some space in the back bedroom closet in order to have a larger pantry. I love how the kitchen layout forces you to head to the screen porch for a second dining/sitting area. Great job!

  5. Really like the curb appeal. Like others need a fireplace in the screened in porch, deeper porch, garage needs another stall and/or additional storage, and larger MBR closets. I like the flow from the kitchen to Dining room and split floor plan. Great retirement home plan.

  6. I love the revisions on this plan but will not build a plan walking through the laundry to enter the house. Is there another option?

  7. This house is almost perfect for our retirement home, there are a few things we would need to add/change: the porch all the way to the end of the master bedroom, a 3 car garage and a bonus room. The way the house is laid out is perfect for our lake front property. We have searched your existing designs and haven’t been able to find all of the above in one design. Thank you

  8. I have always loved the exterior of the Hardesty house plan however I did not care for the kitchen being visible from the front porch. This new plan offers the privacy required. Great job!

  9. My wife and I really like this design a lot, it really meets all of our needs for our retirement home. Is this a plan that can be purchased yet? Also is there any way to see a colored rendering and also one of the rear view?

    1. Hi Kevin,
      This plan is not complete yet, but if you know it’s the one you want to build, you can place an order for it over the phone and we will move it to front of the line for completion. It takes about 14-16 weeks to finalize a plan that’s still in the concept phase.
      Color renderings aren’t created until a plan is in progress, but the exterior elevations are very similar to the Hardesty Plan #1287: Click here to see the Hardesty Plan.
      For pricing or to place an for this Conceptual Design, give us a call at 1-800-388-7580!

  10. I like the layout, but would probably prefer a 2400 sq. ft. version, with most of the additional space going to the master suite and great room. That lovely screened porch needs a fire place and skylight, too.

  11. Love the screen porch right off the kitchen and would love to see a deeper back porch.  Also, I like the oversized garages and would like to see more plans with garages at the side and porches across the front to allow for view left and right down the street. Would also like to see more room near the toilets for a possible bidet I love this plan as I do many of your plans so it makes it hard to choose. I also would like to see more plans with keeping rooms large enough for a pool table and a little seating.
    Thank you,

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