From Concept to Completion

Here’s a look at the life of a Don Gardner house plan, from a concept to a completed home!

Example: Plan #1300

House Plans on the Drawing Board

Concept Sketch: Plan #1300Our home plan concepts begin as sketches, which we share online as
House Plans on the Drawing Board. We post these house plans in sketch form to get feedback from you, our customers! We value all customer opinions, good or bad, so feel free to let us know what you think of these plans!

Although not yet available for purchase, call our helpful Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-388-7580 if you see a conceptual design that looks just right for you – we may be able to speed up the process!

Finished plan is ready for purchase

Once a plan is finalized, an artist’s rendering is created to bring life into the exterior. Then we give it a name and post it to our website for purchase! This is the Lennon Plan #1300:

Artist Rendering: Plan #1300

Completed photos arrive

After a plan has been available for some time, customers and builders may share photos of their completed homes with us. It’s always exciting to see the finished product!

Great Room: The Lennon Plan #1300

Click here for a list of home plans with photos available!

Check out all our Conceptual Designs and give us your suggestions: House Plans on the Drawing Board

If you’ve built a Don Gardner home, send your photos to!

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