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Square Footage: Less is more in 2015

Up until the last few years, homeowners were obsessed with square footage. “We need a bigger house,” was the motto of many. In the minds of young married couples in particular, bigger was better. The rationale being as our family grows, so does our need for additional square footage and extra rooms. And while some still subscribe to that notion, many young families are getting creative to show that it’s not so much the square footage that’s important—it’s what you do with it.

Square Footage: Less is more in 2015. Pictured: The Gadberry Plan #1042

By Chuck Tripp

Must-Have Amenities for the Home

Must-Have Amenities for the Home, Featuring Whirlpool® Brand Sunset Bronze Kitchen Suite

By Charles Richardson

When people are building or buying a house, they tend to focus on the location, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and size of the yard. These are all important, of course, but there are other features that homeowners should be looking at closely: amenities. Far too often we come across families or individuals who tell us, “I wish we had asked for specific amenities and upgrades that were important to us.” With that thought in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of the trending, must-have amenities that buyers are looking for in 2015.

NEW HOUSING TRENDS 2015: Versatile Gardens

NEW HOUSING TRENDS 2015: Versatile Gardens

By Charles Richardson

Home gardens are continuing to be a popular trend in 2015. Over the past few years, homeowners have begun placing more emphasis on the outdoor living experience, utilizing decks, porches, patios, mini courtyards, terraces, verandas, and more. As part of this mass pilgrimage to the back yard, gardens have begun receiving extra attention from families, couples, and individuals of every age. “The garden has become a place for people to reconnect with nature,” says Chuck Tripp, of Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc. “They serve as a retreat from the stress and frenzy of everyday life.”

Landscape Design Trends for 2015

Landscape Design Trends for 2015: Back yard of the Arbordale Plan #452

By Charles Richardson

One of the main differences of homeowners today versus 40 or 50 years ago is a distinct emphasis on outdoor living spaces. This trend actually hearkens back to the 17th and 18th Centuries, when large estate owners in Europe went to great lengths to cultivate manicured gardens, meticulously cropped lawns, and tranquil nature pools. Although less palatial and grand than storied aristocratic estates, homes today in the United States have witnessed a resurgence in landscape design that features mixed gardens, pronounced water features, privacy areas, outdoor living space, and more.

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most popular trends for 2015.