Bungalow House Plan on the Drawing Board #1365

Conceptual Design #1365: Now In Progress!

This plan has been selected for completion and will be available for purchase soon. See how the original sketches compare to the design in progress, and leave your comments at the bottom of the page!

Bungalow Exterior Rendering - Conceptual Design #1365: Now In Progress!Main Level - Conceptual Design #1365: Now In Progress!Second Level - Conceptual Design #1365: Now In Progress!

┬áHere’s our latest conceptual design! Tell us what you think about this bungalow plan in the comments!
Bungalow Exterior - Conceptual Design #1365Conceptual Design #1365 is a unique bungalow with a front-entry, 2-car garage under the primary roofline. Arches and columns line the front exterior, and a gable with Palladian window and decorative bracket add curb appeal. This compact layout has a thoughtful separation of public and private realms. The master bedroom enjoys rear views, a large walk-in closet, and a spacious bathroom, while the secondary bedrooms have double closets and share a Jack-and-Jill bath. The laundry room is near all three bedrooms, and a mud room serves as a catch-all on the way to the living areas. The great room is the heart of this home, completely open to the efficient kitchen with French doors opening to a screen porch with skylights. The dining room is perfect for both formal and casual meals, and the hearth room is a cozy place to relax. A pantry, e-space, and massive bonus room with attic space add flexibility and plenty of storage.
Main Level - Conceptual Design #1365
Second Level - Conceptual Design #1365

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15 thoughts on “Bungalow House Plan on the Drawing Board #1365”

  1. Unique plan; My biggest concern would be that from walking from the front door into the house, you’d walk smack into the great room after going through a small vestibule; an area similar to a hallway ( open concept) would be nice left of the great room to encourage easier flow from the front of the house to the bedroom area thus not having to weave through nicely arranged furniture in the great room; The fireplace may need relocation for that; A bathroom upstairs would be nice.

    1. Hi Susan, Great suggestions! With the size of the great room and the placement of the fireplace, we definitely see your concern. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Like so many plans, this one assumes that husband and wife want to share a bathroom. I don’t mind sharing a tub and shower, but we each want our own private vanity and toilet space. I’d love to see some plans that have an option like this.

    1. Thank you, Lucy! Feedback like yours helps us to know what our customers are looking for in a home plan as we create new designs.
      If you like everything else about this design, you could have it modified by our designers to create a custom master bathroom with separate spaces. Here’s a link to more information:

  3. I actually like the flow of this house and think the porch is in the perfect place. I was looking for a plan with my main rooms on the right for southern exposure with a bit of shade in a covered area (the porch). This is a very nice design . I would probably make the laundry room a little larger. The only thing I don’t like is the guest bath door positions. It should enter from the hall and not from the bedrooms. I would also like to see a larger pantry.

  4. As much as split floorplans have dominated the last 15 years, more plans are needed like this. 2500~3000 sq feet, 4 or 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths (you go overboard when each bedroom has its own bathroom and are missing the mark when you don’t have a 1/2 bath,) laundry rooms should not be walk through, screen porches are a nice touch, walk in pantry, think of dual master suites for aging parents living with family uf yiu spkit bedrooms, 1 story living is better.

  5. I like the plan but agree about going thru the mudroom to the loo. What about moving its door to the long wall, next to the mud room, facing the side of the fireplace?
    What about swapping the inglenook and screened porch? That way, the inglenook is easily accessed from the great room and the porch is brighter, on the outside. This will take away the windows from the loo and laundry room, but those rooms often have no windows.

    1. I think having the door to the bathroom positioned where it is currently is an advantage. We currently have a bathroom with the door that leads almost directly out to the family room. Having the door around the corner is much more private. Agree on swapping the location of the porch. It seems a bit useless being the size it is and the number of windows that it has into it. Those windows will not let much light in being that the porch is enclosed on three sides.

  6. I like it but the great room is too narrow. Many open concept plans require a floating furniture arrangement and the narrowness of the great room pushes the furniture too near the kitchen island for good traffic flow and ease of television viewing. Fortunately in this plan the TV can be placed to the side of the FP but it seems very off center. I love the character of the exterior design.

    1. Also, there needs to be a half bath or a better set up for guests to use the second bath. Going through the mud room and through a bedroom doesn’t seem like good flow to me.

  7. I love this plan! The laundry room off the master bedroom is perfect for us. My husband and I are on the market for plan to build our retirement home. we do prefer split bedrooms but that is not a huge issue at all. THANKS!

  8. I have looked at many house plans and I am really excited about this one. I love seeing plans with good design and flow, practical yet special. This one looks to be all of that and more. Great design as always!

  9. I appreciate homes that are designed with the bedrooms all together. Anymore, it’s nearly impossible to find a nice plan, with a family-oriented layout. This home plan seems perfect for a new family with small children.
    Formal dining rooms aren’t as popular as they once were. The only thing I would like to see different in this plan is a flex-room/ less formal dining space. It’s lovely!

    1. I like your idea regarding a formal dining room. Plan #1365 would be ideal if the formal dining room could be repurposed. Everything else on the plan is prefect.

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