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Are you starting the search for your new dream house plan and have questions you would like answered?  If so, you have come to the right place!

1204 KitchenThis section has been created especially for you.  Check out the questions and archives below to see if your question has been asked and answered.  If not, simply enter your question in the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of the page and check back daily for the answer to be posted.

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  1. I would really see a new plan based off the Satchwell.

    Changes would be:
    Hip Roof
    Separate Laundry Room (So its not in the path of garage entrance)

  2. We are interested in the Clearlake plan W-1272, are there more pictures or info? What is the footprint of the basement?


    1. Hi Joe, we have not yet received any photos of The Clearlake. We do have elevations that you can download through your myDAG account. This will show you the exterior sides, front and rear, if that would help. A standard basement for this plan would follow the walls of the first floor, excluding the garage and porches. You can order the standard basement addition which would be fully underground and unfinished or you can modify a walkout basement and choose what finished spaces you would want. Let our customer service team know if you have any questions about this process – 1-800-388-7580 or

  3. We are interested in the hollyhock house plan and were wondering about 2 things. Is there plans that include the gazebo porch and is there one built somewhere in north carolina that we could look at. Particularly the outside? Thank you

    1. Hi Felicia, The gazebo porch is not part of the original design, but you can make this modification. We have several builders listed on our website that have built The Hollyhock. I don’t see anyone located in North Carolina but there are a few in Tennessee and Virginia that may be close enough for you to travel, if interested. You are welcome to contact any of these builders for more information.

  4. Hello, glad that I found this great info site! I’m looking for more information on the Birchwood. Specifically looking to see any basement plans and to see it with an open kitchen layout into the living room.

    1. Hi Julio, We have a lot more details and photos of The Birchwood on our website! This plan is not designed with a basement but you can order a basement foundation and modify it to be a walkout. You can also make changes in the kitchen if you want it to be more open. Let us know if you have other questions – 1-800-388-7580 or

  5. What houses do you have that are wheelchair accessible – ie no steps to get in the house and has halls and doors big enough for a wheelchair? (this is a growing market)

    Also I see a style that is “retirement houses”. What makes a house qualify for this style.

    I want my retirement house to be maintenance free – inside and out and able to get around if I become handicapped.

    1. Hi Rod, we have a selection of plans on our website that are wheelchair friendly, we call them universal designs. Unfortunately, we haven’t added new plans to this category in years but we can modify any of our designs to incorporate wider doorways and walkways, well planned bathrooms, etc.

      For retirement homes, those are typically smaller and simpler designs on one story. Our customer service team would be happy to assist you with a plan search if you would like – 1-800-388-7580 or

  6. Do you have plans that use active solar? I’m looking for solar heated house, solar water heated, and solar electricity. I don’t see that as a search option.

    1. Hi Rod, we only create the architectural drawings, our plans do not include details for electrical or HVAC. So, you can make them solar comparable with your solar manufactures and contractors.

  7. Do you have links to finished homes? I’d like to see what a finished plan looks like. I’m especially interested in English or French Country 2 story homes with MBR on the first floor and formal Dining Room in the rear of the house off the Kitchen.

    1. Hi Joe, You can see finished home photography on our website.

      We are not involved in the building process but if you are interested in viewing and Donald Gardner home in person, you can browse builders in your area and are welcome to contact anyone that interests you to see if they have a home you can view. And contact our customer service team if you would like assistance with a house plan search: 1-800-388-7580 or

  8. Hello, interested to see any interior Phots of yesterview finished? Wondering if some of the Columns in dining room and great room can be eliminated, I think I count 9…

    1. Hi Christine, I’m afraid we do not have an photos of The Yesterview. I’m sure you can remove some or all of the columns in this design through our modification process. Our designer would let you know which columns are load bearing and come up with a plan to change the support structure or let you know if a column would be the only option. Let us know if you have other questions – 1-800-388-7580 or

  9. The Whitworth plan: Do you have a perspective from the direct front of the house? The exterior drawing provided is drawn from an angle so it is difficult to tell how it would actually look when viewing directly in front of the house from the street.
    In other words, the drawing would not show the garage doors.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Gail, you can download front, rear, and side elevations from your myDAG account. This would show the home straight on from the front. Create an account or log into your account here: The click on the tab labeled preview packages and select plan number 1131. Contact customer service if you have any questions at 1-800-388-7580 or

      1. Word to the wise to use your laptop as I used my phone to download and it was unreadable thus using up one of my three available downloads allowes by the site. ;(
        I hope when I am on my laptop tomorrow it will display properly.

        1. Hello! If you need more than 3 preview plans, contact our customer service team. They can change the settings on your account to allow you to download more if you need them. Hopefully your PC or laptop will work better for downloading elevations, but if you have further problems, just let us know. 1-800-388-7580 or

  10. Looking for a single dining room plan with a garage in the back of the house. ( I really like the Peyton, but want the garage in back of house and home around 2300 sq feet) Do you have anything like that? Thank you… and I love this blog/website!

  11. Hi,

    Do you have any photos of the Arcadia yet? We want to build this soon but can’t get a real feel for it from the design sketch. Thanks.

  12. This may be a long shot but the gray exterior color on the Birchwood shown – do you happen to have that color listed ?

    1. Hi Lisa, I’m sorry but we are not involved in the building process and the customer that provided the photos did not give us a list of products and colors used. You may be able to show the photo to a local supplier and they can match the color.

    1. Hi Jodi, The Harper has been purchased but we have not received any photos yet, nor have any builders volunteered their contact information. We are not involved in the building process so we depend on customers to send us photos and builders to add their contact information on our website after they build one of our designs.

  13. Is a walkout basement possible with plan 1351 Simon? Where would the stair be located? I do not want to lose any features of the home, especially the closet space and the panty (which is a must have for me)

    1. Hi Tonya, The Simon has not been designed with a basement floor plan yet, but a basement can be added to any of our designs. We can make them fully underground through our regular ordering process or you can modify the basement to be a walkout through our custom modifications. The designer will determine the best location for the staircase, it is common for us to move the garage forward a few feet without disruption any of the other features of the design.

  14. I’ve been combing through floor plans for months now, and I really like the Carmichael plan layout – it is about 90% what we really want and the right size too – BUT I do not like the facade at all! How complicated is it to put a facade similar to (for example) Redding/Henderson/Cassady with the Carmichael plan? Got to have those two closets in the master bedroom, and a good sized utility room space. Thanks.

    1. Hello, we often get request from customers to change the exterior facade of a plan. A designer would need to look at your request to determine the difficulty of your request and what changes are possible. Complete our modification request form to start your consultation and get a quote.

  15. Do you have any study sets with elevations for the Stonemason? Trying to lose some square footage from the plan. Maybe the bedroom and closet behind the kitchen. Trying to see what the roof line looks like. Thanks

  16. We want to build your Cedar Court plan, but we prefer the
    Master BR/ study of the Hollow Crest. We also want the basement in the Cedar Court. How can we combine our preferences and get the home we want?

  17. Do you have any interior pics of the meadow creek house plan? We are looking for something this size that’s one story and has a 3 car garage with bonus room. We also like the birchwood and clarkson plans. Any other suggestions??


  18. Looking for a plan with a side facing family/great room and 3 car garage with entry on the opposite side. Large kitchen and master bath.

  19. On your plans, the “Bonus Space” stairs are included. What becomes of this square footage if you do not choose to construct the Bonus Space?

  20. We are looking for a plan that will work on our lot that slopes uphill from the street and has forward facing views. We’d need the attached garage to be front entry (lower level is fine) and would like to see the Master, Greatroom, and Kitchen/ Breakfast area all on the main level in the front of the house. Do you have any plans that fit the bill?

  21. We are very interested in the Adrian and the Armstrong plans. Are there any photos of completed builds for these plans?

    1. Thanks for asking about the Adrian and Armstrong plans, Ben! We haven’t received photos for either plan so far, and the Adrian is brand new so there haven’t been any completed builds yet. We are happy to help with additional details and dimensions, and you can download a PDF Preview Package for each plan when you login to your free myDAG account.
      Feel free to call or email for additional dimensions! 1-800-388-7580

  22. I am very interested in the Braxton or Rutherford plan but cannot find any interior pictures and would really like to be able to visualize the interior before I buy the plans. Do you have interior pictures of the 2 story foyer and kitchen in any similar plan so that I can get an idea of what it would look like?

    1. Hi Elaine,

      We haven’t received any photos of the Rutherford plan so far, and the Braxton is new and there most likely haven’t been any completed builds yet. We know of one builder, CLB Custom Homes, that has photos on their website of the Rutherford. The album is at the very bottom of their gallery page:
      I wish we had more to show you!

      We are happy to help with details and dimensions for either plan! or 1-800-388-7580

  23. Hello! I was curious if there has been a determination on when Conceptual Design #1407 will be finalized? Also, if we are looking at making changes to one of your plans, how will that work?

    We are very interested in a farmhouse with >3000 sq. ft. We will need 4 BR and would like for the Master and guest to be down with the others upstairs. We would also like a bonus room upstairs. We would prefer to have one larger dining area vs. dining room and breakfast room with enough kitchen counter seating for 6 bar-stools.

    We have looked at the following plans with making the above changes:
    Vernon Downs
    Hickory Ridge

    Would are changes be feasible with any of the above plans?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jen,

      We don’t have a completion date set for Conceptual Design #1407, but if you purchase it we will have it complete in approximately 12 weeks. You can also request a Modifications estimate for it in advance if it seems like the closest fit. Each of the plans you mentioned should accommodate your changes, so start with the plan that is already the closest to meeting your needs.

      In order to request an estimate for Modifications, we ask that you submit a description of the changes in your own words on a short modifications form. Once a designer receives your modification request along with a consultation fee payment of $79-$99, they will respond in 2-4 business days with an estimate by e-mail. At that time you can call in and consult with the designer at length.

      Here is a link to the form. Click on the yellow button that says “Submit Mods Request” to view the form.

      If you decide to go forward with the changes, you will pay for the plan package of your choice and a deposit of half of the total modifications fees. Next, the designer provides a preliminary sketch by e-mail. You can then go back and forth with the designer until you are satisfied and ready to complete the process. When ready to receive your plans, you pay the other half of your modifications charges, the consultation fee is subtracted from the final sub-total, and the plans are shipped out to you.

      Modifications charges are based on an hourly rate of $140/hr. It takes approximately four to six weeks for completed drawings to be ready to ship.

      I hope that this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have other questions!

  24. I’d love to find a house plan under 2000 sq. ft that includes a home office or 4th bedroom I could use as an office! Got any?!

    1. Hi Julie,

      We haven’t received any customer photos of the Chamberlaine so far, but the Richelieu is similar and we have photos here. We post new photos as we get them, so keep checking our Facebook and Flickr pages for the latest in case something comes in.

      We always do a blog post when Conceptual Designs are released for purchase, and we go back and update the Conceptual Design’s pages as well. Leave a comment on any design you are interested in and we will reply when it becomes available!

  25. We love the fincannon house plan but are worried the great room may be too narrow. Do you have a similar floor plan or suggestion that is still under 3000sq ft? We love the views out the back especially because we will have a lake view. Also we were drawn to the hearth room and double closets in the master.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Here are some similar plans that may fit your needs:
      Sagecrest –
      Edgewater –
      Bennington –
      Jeffcoat –
      Walnut Creek –

      Let us know if you’d like more information on any of these!

    1. Hi Jackson,

      We haven’t received any customer photos of the Laurelmoore, unfortunately. We’ll be happy to help with questions about plan details and dimensions, and we can email front, rear, and side elevations to you – just send a request to

      We post customer photos as we receive them, so keep checking back – maybe some will come in!

  26. Do you have any real-life interior photos of the Whitford plan? We are in the process of building it now, would love to see these! Thanks!

  27. Do you have any real life inside pictures of the Peyton or Spotswood plans? In particular, I am looking for photos of the great room and kitchen/dining areas. Thank you!

  28. We are looking for a plan without a formal dining room, just an area off of the kitchen for eating. We would like 3 bedrooms, 2 on one end on the master on the other. A large open kitchen/great room area. One story on a basement with 2 1/2 bathrooms on the main floor and 1 full bathroom in the basement. We are looking for something with fairly simple roof lines to keep the cost down, but still attractive. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. We’ll be glad to put together a list of plans! What is your ideal square footage range, and what type of exterior style do you prefer (Country, Craftsman, Traditional)?

      Do you need other finished rooms on the basement level, aside from the bathroom?

      Leave a reply and we can find some plans that will meet your needs!

    1. We offer vacation home plans for every setting in a range of styles and square footages. Our Vacation Home Plans page includes designs for coastal, mountain, and golf course locations:

      Here are plans broken down by individual styles:
      Waterfront Home Plans
      Mountain Home Plans
      Golf Course Home Plans

      Our friendly Customer Service Representatives can also help you pinpoint your ideal plan. Contact us at!

    1. We have a large collection of plans under 2,000 sq. ft. which you can browse here: Try sorting them by square footage or other features to find the perfect home for your needs!

      Our newest design, the Lucerne Plan #1319 is a cottage floor plan that is 1,828 sq. ft.

      Our friendly Customer Service Representatives will gladly help you narrow down your options, too. Contact us at!

    1. Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to in-law suites, and we have a collection of home plans with suites in a variety of sizes and layouts! Follow the link to browse a complete list:

      We also offer Modifications, so you can have any Don Gardner plan customized to meet your family’s specific needs! Our Modifications are easy, fast, and convenient:

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